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Ecommerce project

Safetynet Direct are a long established UK based company who supply a huge range of products from embroidered workwear through, Dust Masks and Christmas Masks, tools and PPE suitable for traders and DIY enthusiasts alike.   They had an existing ecommerce website which had been created using Zen Cart.  The site was very out of date and didn’t really fit the needs of this growing business. Being so old, it was not a responsive website and therefore was not making any sales from mobile devices.  With today’s online community reaching more often for their mobile phone or tablet to browse the internet the owner of Safetynet Direct new it was time to update the website and ensure his company are reaching the widest possible online marketplace.

We have chosen our preferred system, Magento, to create the new version of this website as we believe it is bar far the best ecommerce system available.  It has more features than any other shopping cart solution and is easily updated with a whole host of cool module and after market features.  The main task this gave us was finding an easy way to move all of the existing products and orders from his Zen Cart website onto the new Magento system.  We managed to achieve this with relative ease using a third party system and so the new Magento system was primed ready to go with all of the clients products – ready for the design.

For the design we have completely re-branded this company, giving them a nice new logo but keeping with the companies existing colours.  With the new logo is placed we design the website around this, giving a strong professional look that is both attractive yet easy to use.  One of the main tasks for this website was to re-organise the menus to ensure that potential customers can find whatever products they want within a couple of simple clicks.  We worked closely with the client to ensure the menus where perfect for their target market and to ensure the products are as easy to locate as possible we have installed an advanced search module which suggest products as soon as you start to type your search terms.

The product pages have been set-up in a number of different ways.  With so many different styles and types of products it was paramount that the end user can choose all of the options they require and checkout with as little effort as possible. To make this process even more appealing Safetynet Direct are also offering great bulk order discounts.  We have coded this into the product pages so that anybody wanting to purchase ten, fifty, even one thousand of a product will receive a better rate for the bigger purchase.  Features like this can take a long time to develop onto the website but we understand how beneficial elements like this can be to the success of a website.

This project doesn’t stop here either, our next task is to update the website with a bespoke module coded here in the My Ecommerce offices.  The module will allow customers to purchase embroidered work wear and clothing and then personalise their items live on the website.  This will give great functionality to the website with the end user being able to add their own logos, text and position them on the items and then submit them for purchase.  This is a great idea for Safetynet Direct and I am sure this will help push their online business to the next level. Watch this space as we will showcase this new system here as soon as we have finishing coding it.


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