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magic Thermodynamic Box

We have recently been working with the Magic Box International company in Chelmsford, Essex.  This is an amazing company with water heating products that blew our mind. They have a revolutionary product called the Magic Thermodynamic Box and have just launched the Big Magic Thermodynamic Box. Both of these products amazed us and made everybody here really passionate about working on this project.

The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box is a central heating system for your home, it takes care of your water heating for a fraction of the cost of your normal gas water boiler.  Here is the clever bit, it works like a fridge in reverse! Rather than the bars on the back of your fridge creating cold, this works in a similar way to create heat. This heat then surrounds your water cylinder and provides hot water for your entire house. It even works when it is not hot and sunny outside, which gives it the leg up over traditional solar panels. (That is our understanding of how it works, read more about it on the website for all the thermodynamic panels technical info)  The thermodynamic panel itself, looks fairly impressive and they install this anywhere in your home, creating the heat and sending it to their own A rated cylinder.

As you can see, we are very impressed by this. We love all things design and techy here at My E-commerce and this ticked all of these boxes.  The main aim of the project is to help overhaul their existing website to ensure these amazing thermodynamic products are being showcased to their maximum potential. Working with their in-house marketing team we have been helping build new content, improved user interface and creating a use experience for their website that really shows what the Magic Thermodynamic Box is all about.

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