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Integrated Labels

CMPD Solutions have a massive array of products from despatch solutions through to marketing and security solutions.  One of the main products they supply is a range of integrated labels. The integrated labels can be a massive help for marketing your business and for logistics, making them a very popular product.  To start this project the website is just purely for informational purposes, all of the products are showcased with their own pages full of information and images.  Their is currently no e-commerce facility to purchase these products online.  This style of website is requested so often from My Ecommerce, with a number of companies wanting to showcase their product range online, without wanting to actually start trading with ecommerce.

Brochure websites are massively popular, this is a great stepping stone for your online business.  We can create this style of site to get your business started on the internet.  When a client is then ready, this type of site is easily upgraded to add a shopping basket and payment modules to turn it into a fully working e-commerce site.

E-commerce is a massive benefit to any business, it gives you the ability to trade online 24/7 without the costs of a physical location and all of the bills that come along with it.  This makes an e-commerce website a vital part of any business, wether you are just using it to showcase your business and products or are taking the full e-commerce route and selling your products online. As you can see from CMPD, this is a great way to make your first steps into e-commerce and can be the start of a bright future for your business online.

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