Ceramic Pro London

Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro is an amazing protective coating ideal for protecting your car against everyday scuffs and knocks.  Not all e-commerce websites we create have a complex shopping cart system behind them.  This is a great example of what can be done without having a shopping cart system.  This website is an informational website to showcase the amazing products that are on offer.  The website is based on a WordPress CMS system, making it very easy to use for the client to keep up to date themselves with all their latest graphics and videos.  With a product like this, video us very important as it can really show in detail show the product works and what the results can be from using it.  With this in mind we made one of the main focuses for this website the photo gallery and video pages.  They really sell the product for you.

When it comes to the actual booking your car in to have the Ceramic Pro London treatment on your car, we have a simple form to allow the customer to give details about their car, the services they would like and their contact details.  This allows Ceramic Pro to give a personalized service and call to book the customers car in for their treatments.

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